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Welcome to Destinationz 360

Destinationz360 is the only travel company in India that creates magic on its tours. It is not just about the location, it is not just about the service but it is the experience created that we excel at.

Learning more about the destination is one aspect of our tour design but our focus is on creating an experience where you learn more about yourself through the terrain you are in... That's Experiential learning...Come...Discover yourself !

Destinationz360 formed by Sachin Ashok Mehta is a truly professional Tour and Travel professional dedicated to organizing innovative tourism products and services. This ISO 9001:2008 certified & CRISIL rated SE3B company has been awarded with “ Best Customised Tour Organiser in Maharashtra”, Quality Brands Award, the Rashtriya Udyog Ratna in 2011 & the BEST ENTREPRENEUR AWARD by Brihanmumbai Vocational Education Development Committee. In addition to teaching he is an accomplished writer of travel articles.

In our Endeavour to cater to all categories of tourists, namely, individuals, student groups and corporations we continually are in the process of creating tour programmes that are entertaining, educative, and experiential.